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Far Infrared  products for People:

Get results in 24 hours

Comfortable and lightweight material makes it easy to wear at work, play or when you sleep.

Use FIR Products to reduce swelling and for fast effective healing.

Relieves Pain: 

Far Infrared Gloves can relieve pain associated with the following conditions. 

Arthritis, Rheumatism
Circulatory problems
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Hand pain
Wrist pain
Numbness of extremities
Sports injuries
Sore finger joints
Peripheral Vascular Disease


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Size Charts for Gloves


Measure your hands for Prolotex™ Infrared Gloves  ( scroll down for the OPEN FINGERTIP Gloves )



Measure the length of your hand

Measure from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist (bottom of your palm), as shown by the measuring tap in the illustration.

The number of inches or centimeters should equal your glove size. 


Size Chart for the Hand Length: 

Glove Size Inches Centimeters
XSmall 5-5½ 13-14 cm
Small 6-6½ 15-16 cm


 7 17-18 cm
Large 19 cm
XLarge 8 20 cm
XXLarge 8½-9½ 22-24 cm

 All 4 sizes in stock

Infrared Gloves for Men

Code: PRO-G01b
Model: REGULAR FIT - Men's
Color: Black
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Best glove for men but can be used by women with larger or swollen hands.

Only $59.95 US


Size Chart for the Hand Length: 

Glove Size Inches Centimeters
XSmall 6½-7 15-16 cm
Small 6-6½ 16-17 cm


7-7½ 17-18 cm
Large 7½-8 19-20.5 cm
XLarge 8½-9 21-23 cm

All 5 sizes in stock

Code: PRO-G03
Color: Black, White
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

For men & women & kids.

The CLASSY FIT Gloves are suitable for a normal to narrower hand with longer fingers.

Only $64.95 US


Size Chart for the Hand Length: 

Glove Size Inches Centimeters
XSmall 5 12.5 cm
Small 6 15.5 cm


 7 17.5 cm
Large 8 20.5 cm
XLarge 9 23 cm

All 5 sizes in stock!

Code: PRO-G05
Model: REGULAR FIT - Ladies
Color: Black, White
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Best glove for women but can be used by men with small thin boned hand.

Only $59.95 US

Click Here for Open Fingertip Gloves Sizes     Sock Sizes

Use PROLOTEX™ Therapy Gloves For:

restores damaged cells in the precious ligaments and tendons of your hands 
reducing finger ligament stress from riding
improving the circulation of your hands so you can "feel" you horse
revitalizing a tired tendon fibers in your hands and wrist 
relieving pain and point tenderness from over worked hands (from stall cleaning and grooming etc.)
tackle any bacteria infections from minor scraps and cuts to your fingers and hands 
reducing swelling and fluid retention in your fingers
cell restoration and healing
aid in preventing future injuries by keeping your hands from going numb
improving tendon & ligament fiber strength so you can hold the reins better
Prolotex far infrared gloves are a safe drug free alternative therapeutic glove you can use at night and/ or during the day to help soothe your tired hands.
PROLOTEX™ Glove Fabric Content:

    Far Infrared Glove Fabric Contains:

  • Polypropylene fibers impregnated with micro-particles of lead-free bio-ceramics. 
    95% polypropylene, 5% bio-ceramics.


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